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The Value of Early Spring Lawn Care in Kansas City

Insecticide / February 7, 2022

After a long winter, there’s no better sensation than going outside in the spring. You can really feel the world come back to life. Birds are singing again, flowers are blooming, and all your winter plant care in Kansas City is finally paying off. We understand wanting to take it easy. However, with an entire season of lush growth ahead of you, it’s important to turn your attention to early spring lawn care in Kansas City.

Though there’s never a wrong season to focus on landscaping and lawn care, there’s no better season to take steps towards your landscaping goals than early spring. With revitalizing rains and warm weather just around the corner, you’re right on the cusp of an explosive period of growth. That’s why early spring is the perfect time to plan the rest of your year’s yard care

It’s important to know that If you want something done in spring, you need to get on it NOW. February is the perfect time to take steps to set a lawn care plan in motion. As is true of lawn care in any season, there are tips and tricks you can take advantage of for better results. If you’re not sure where to start, though, you can always turn to the experts. 

Lawn care professionals will guide you through improving your HOA landscaping and help you make the most of early spring lawn care in Kansas City.

Early Spring Lawn Care Expertise from Lifestyle Outdoor

The name Lifestyle Outdoor may be new, but we are bringing proven expertise into HOA-focused landscaping and lawn care. We have been around long enough to know how to do HOAs and maintenance-provided communities the right way. We’re here all year to make sure your community is beautiful and well cared for.

early spring lawn care in kansas city

Lifestyle Outdoor has decades of experience taking care of HOAs and private property landscaping, and we know not all lawn care services are created equal. We want the HOAs we work with to have the best landscaping possible, and making informed decisions about the best way to care for your property is the #1 way to make that happen. That’s why we’ve created this breakdown of everything you can do to jumpstart early spring lawn care in Kansas City.

So, continue reading if you’re interested in learning our tips and tricks for successful preparatory care for your lawn in early spring!

The Importance of Early Spring Lawn Care

As we mentioned before, early spring lawn care is vital for lasting yard care results for your HOA for the rest of the year. Laying the proper groundwork for plant growth, healthy soil, moisture retention, pest avoidance, and weed prevention is the best way to guarantee aesthetic results through the summer and fall.

Additionally, taking effective care of your HOA landscaping and lawns in Kansas City now means they will be healthier and easier to care for later in the year. This can save you money and keep your HOA looking awesome with minimal upkeep. Now, this doesn’t mean your landscaping doesn’t need regular care—it just means that you won’t have to work as hard to keep your outdoor spaces beautiful and vibrant no matter the season.

But, with spring truly right around the corner, you absolutely need to act now. It’s not too late, even in February, to set your HOA property and landscaping features up for success. However, you need to act fast. 

So, what should you do? We’re happy you asked.

What to Do

There’s a lot you can do to set your HOA properties up for success through preparatory early spring lawn care. The HOA managers we work with are frequently looking for the “single most effective steps” they can take to keep their landscaping looking incredible. 

Unfortunately, we can’t provide an itemized list for you in this case, though it certainly makes writing this blog more complicated. That’s because all the early-care steps you should take are beneficial in slightly different ways. Notably, many of them actually work best when done together

So, here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of the best practices we recommend to HOA property managers for early spring lawn care in Kansas City.

Do: Begin Irrigation Maintenance

One thing that few people find fun about spring is all the rain that comes with it. But, as the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers. Those showers, however, can frequently impact yard growth in ways you don’t expect (and then need to pay to fix). That’s why early spring is an ideal time to start irrigation maintenance.

Irrigation maintenance can mean a few different things when talking about an HOA. It’s not just a matter of turning sprinklers back on. It means setting your property up for success all year long. Though this can include winterization services, sure, it’s also about the little details of lawn care and water management. In particular, optimizing the irrigation systems your property uses to keep its communal landscaping and private yards healthy and attractive.

You should be considering installing drainage systems, monitoring for leaks, clearing pathways for water flow, preventing pipe buildup, caring for potted plants, and taking steps to do these things in a budget-conscious way.  

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we’ll help you turn sprinklers back on, of course, but we also focus on the little details for you. We ensure any property drainage system is situated with a negative slope away from buildings. This prevents water damage and foundation cracking. 

Likewise, we make sure to monitor the earth quality of your property so you can minimize damage from swampy topsoil after heavy rainfall.

Click here to learn more about Irrigation Maintenance in Kansas City→

All of this can go a long way to save you money, optimize the appearance of your landscaping features and HOA common spaces, and keep your homeowners’ yards looking the best they can.

Do: Plan Pest Treatments

It’s common knowledge that insect pests can destroy a yard or common area landscaping. When you are dealing with the health and safety of your entire HOA community, pest control is not something to take lightly. That’s why early spring lawn care in Kansas City needs to include taking active steps towards pest prevention

early spring lawn care in kansas city

DIY pest control can seem like an easy way to save money and time, but taking care of pests is a task best left to professionals. Early spring lawn care experts are better equipped to protect your property and more knowledgeable about how to do so safely. Both now and into the future. 

Though rarely necessary this early in the year, mosquito treatments are a great tool in a lawn care expert’s arsenal for protecting your properties. However, mosquito treatments can require the handling of potentially harmful chemicals. If you use too abrasive a pesticide, it can damage properties long-term. That is why you need someone with knowledge about how best to care for HOA properties.

The Lifestyle Outdoor team pays attention to what pesticides we use when treating lawns and HOA properties. We use safer pesticides and take steps to protect residences so homeowners don’t have to worry about indoor pest treatments in Kansas City. Instead, their yard is protected, and so is their home.

But pest treatments can also include conscientious quality-of-life property care. Maintaining the seals on homes, for instance, is important for preventing pests from entering a property. As much as possible, we recommend keeping plants clear and trimmed away from buildings with a 6-18 inches gap.

One last tip from the pros: clearing out gutters to prevent nesting and fungus buildup goes a long way to protecting a yard or home.

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Do: Use Pre-Emergent

Pre-emergent herbicides can be a great way to nip your weed problem in the bud. They work by interrupting germinated seeds’ growth process, preventing the plant from sprouting as normal. This weed prevention will keep your HOA properties looking uniform and healthy but not overgrown.

It’s important to apply pre-emergent early, as they’re ineffective at dealing with weeds that have already sprouted, set roots, and begun to grow. However, it’s important to plan where and when you will pre-emergent, as it doesn’t discriminate between plants you want to grow and plants you don’t. 

So, taking steps in early spring to spray pre-emergent in strategic locations is a fantastic idea. That way, you can target where weeds are likely to grow on your properties but avoid the beds and landscaping features you want to bloom.

Do: Start Mulching

Mulching your yards and landscaping features is vital to improving your HOA’s greenery’s lasting appearance and health. With spring rains and temperature change comes additional moisture and liquid your landscaping needs to look its best. Mulching is a great way to give your lawns and garden beds the advantage they need to produce dynamic growth and minimize weeds.

early spring lawn care in kansas city

Mulching allows you to support your plants without the need for additional work or care. Mulch not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also vital for moisture retention—be that from irrigation or seasonal rain. Mulch allows plants to draw from that water for days afterward, making growth easier on you and your HOA’s landscaping. 

Likewise, mulch is excellent for new and old plants because it can help reduce competition and minimize weed growth. Mulch can make it difficult for weeds to grow and take over a bed/landscaping feature. As a result, your intended plants get the resources they need without damaging (or difficult to handle) competition.

Do: Spread Fertilizer

Spreading fertilizer is an excellent investment in the long-term health and appearance of your yard, though its benefits aren’t always immediately apparent. That’s why laying fertilizer as a part of lawn care in early spring is the best way to see its benefits early.

So, what all does fertilizer do for you? Well, that’s a long list. First and foremost, it helps with plant growth. Fertilizer promotes vibrant plant growth by providing additional, necessary nutrients and minerals. This makes your property’s plants healthier and more vibrant. Additionally, it prevents uneven growth. Every property manager knows the frustration of even lawn growth. It can be unpleasing to walk past a lawn and see some lush areas while others are sparse and uneven. Fertilizer spreads nutrients around, making robust growth more even and lush across the laid area.

We recognize a lot of this isn’t new information to most property managers. However, what you may not know is that fertilizer is also great for the overall health of your yard. It’s an incredible tool for preventing disease in your landscape features and grass, protecting soil from erosion and nutrient depletion, and minimizing weed growth.

So, if you’re looking for lasting lawn care improvements, start laying fertilizer ASAP!

Lifestyle Outdoor Is Your One-Stop Shop for Early Spring Lawn Care in Kansas City

Don’t wait! If you need support with your early spring lawn care in Kansas City, turn to the best HOA landscaping and lawn care company around. Lifestyle Outdoor offers complete landscaping maintenance services for your property’s needs year-round. We have decades of experience serving HOAs and private properties and a track record of complete client satisfaction.

Lifestyle Outdoor provides all Johnson County HOAs with unbeatable service through our HOA-focused landscaping and lawn care solutions. Our years of experience, commitment to building relationships, and dependable quality are why we’re the number one partner in all things HOA property maintenance.

If you’re interested in learning more about annual care for your lawn in Kansas City, check out resources like Johnson County’s Lawn Care Seasonal Guide and our Early Spring Checklist.

Reach out to learn more about the early spring lawn care services we provide or get a quote with our online quote tool. Discover the difference that THE white-glove service with a green thumb can make for your property today!