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Mosquito fogging in KC

Mosquito Fogging in Kansas City Explained

Insecticide / August 7, 2023

Just what are those guys fogging all over your hedges? Is it really a fog? How does it get rid of mosquitos? The crew at Lifestyle Outdoor has heard just about every question when it comes to mosquito fogging in Kansas City. Mosquito control involves a lot more than just a cloud and a noisy backpack. So take a few minutes to learn from our licensed pest control applicators.

It’s not what you think it is.

Smoke, fog, and mist are all different things. So while it may be referred to as mosquito fogging in Kansas City, we actually use a mist. This mist uses a highly concentrated mosquito insecticide that is harmful to mosquitoes, but not to your plants.

Why should you fog?

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we consider pest control a means to protect the public. Mosquitos carry a multitude of diseases that can range from annoying to alarming. Mosquitos are one of the fastest ways diseases like the west nile virus travel from person to person. One minute you could be hosting a barbeque and the next, the neighborhood could have an outbreak! Mosquito fogging in Kansas City is crucial to the health of your space and the people around you.

Chemicals we include

We avoid Pyrethroids because your ideal yard requires our ideal chemicals. So in addition to mosquito fogging in Kansas City, Lifestyle Outdoor creates custom IPM plans for an entirely holistic approach to pest control.

Integrated Pest Management

Our approach is about doing what’s best for your lawn. Integrated pest management (IPM) focuses on root systems and watering schedules alongside extermination and compositions of chemicals. Our mosquito fogging in Kansas City uses specially formulated solutions for each type of plant. Your shrubs will need a different touch than your trees, so we’ll walk you through options during your site visit. IPM benefits your environment while stretching your budget further than just using all-organic or all-chemical methods.

Treating your lawn right

The site visit will determine the problem areas and much more. Our seasoned experts will determine the health of your land and determine how we’ll treat your area. Before we begin mosquito fogging in Kansas City, we check with regional data and decades of research to choose the best chemicals for your treatment. Monthly fogging plans typically start in April and repeat until the first hard freeze.

We use contact and systemic pesticides for everything from spider control to mosquito fogging in Kansas City. We use commercial-grade insecticides, and our handy blowers to mist areas for different effects. For example, if we determine a population needs to be immediately exterminated and won’t return, we’ll use contact insecticides due to their immediate properties. If that population is likely to return to that area, we’ll administer a systemic spray to eradicate the population with slower-acting chemicals that work their way into the colony.

Come in from the fog.

We dare you to stump us. Hit us with your best question about mosquito fogging in Kansas City, or any landscaping topics by contacting our team! Get a free quote with our virtual tool to see your options. Or schedule a site visit to start planning for total control of your land.