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If you’re a property manager or member of an HOA board looking for tree services in Johnson County, look no further. Lifestyle Outdoor is a certified arborist, so you can trust in the high level of expertise we bring to the unique tree care needs of homeowner’s association communities.

Arbor Care Services

We will do anything for trees, but we won’t do trims.

Let’s just get it out of the way—we don’t trim trees. It doesn’t fall under the scope of our tree care services. As a certified arborist, we understand the needs of individual trees and are equipped to provide the best possible care. Investing in your HOA community’s trees will lead to MAJOR returns.

If you’re apprehensive, take a drive around some different neighborhoods in Johnson County. Take a drive down Ward Parkway! Neighborhoods don’t end up with gorgeous trees by accident, they invest in arborists to plant and nurture the right trees to provide beauty, shade, and VALUE to their homes.

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Beautifying HOA communities all over Johnson County.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear from our satisfied customers.

The owner and employees of Lifestyle Outdoor are a pleasure to work with. I have known Justin, the owner, for many years. He is not only devoted to building a first class business, he is a very kind person.

The attention to detail is above and beyond. I highly recommend Lifestyle Outdoor!

Sally W.

We were very pleased with Justin’s design recommendations. He listened to our ideas, and came up with a great plan that exceeded our expectations. The crew did an awesome job executing all the changes. We really appreciated how careful they were to ensure minimal impacts to our existing landscape, and how they cleaned up everything when they were done.

Gary W.

Wonderful service, friendly workers – our lawns have never looked this good. The mowers take their time and don’t race through the yards.
Everyone seems to take pride in what they are doing. Justin you and your crew are great.

Allyn G

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Let beauty take root in your HOA.

Proper tree care is an unmatched long term investment in your community. And frankly, trees deserve it. Nothing compares to a neighborhood that’s lush with beautiful trees. With time and professional tree services from a certified arborist like Lifestyle Outdoor, your property values will grow. Have our professionals come out to assess your neighborhood and existing trees to get started.

Arbor Care and Tree Service FAQs

We get a lot of questions about trees; here are some answers.

How can I treat /save my ash tree?

So you’ve got Emerald Ash Borers (EAB). This invasive beetle comes from north-eastern Asia and if a population builds, it can infect and destroy an entire forest of ash trees. If you detect an infestation early, the ash tree can be treated and, hopefully, saved. There are some DIY treatments for EAB infestations involving pesticides, but we recommend bringing in a certified arborist (like us!).

What are the best trees to plant in Kansas City?

Kansas and Missouri can support a great variety of tree species, so when you’re considering bringing new trees into your landscaping there are other factors to consider besides whether it’s a native tree. Consider how much water it will need, how much fertilizer and maintenance, the aesthetics you’re going for, and the impact it could have on the existing landscaping. Some splendid trees to consider include Eastern red cedar, oak, or ginkgo trees.

How do I get rid of bagworms?

Bagworms can threaten both deciduous and evergreen trees and should always be taken care of as quickly as possible when noticed. The best time to treat for bagworms is May or June, when they’re young. There are some insecticides with malathion, diazinon, or carbaryl you can use for bagworms. If you’ve got less of a bagworm infestation and more of a bagworm slumber party, you can even pick them off of the tree and get rid of them that way. You need to be proactive in checking for bagworms, unless you’ve got a lawn care team doing it for you.

Do trees add value to a home?

Oh yes. Mature trees in a well-landscaped yard can increase the value of a home anywhere from 7 to 19 percent. Think about it, when you buy a new tree to plant it’s expensive. Especially more mature ones that will provide a bigger impact more quickly. So if you’ve got well-maintained, mature trees on your land you’re sitting on a lot of value.