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Your neighborhood’s landscaping is a unique reflection of your HOA community.

Our landscape specialists take into account the long-term maintenance costs of the landscaping in addition to environmental impact and the overall aesthetics. From entryways and common areas to lighting, we pay attention to each detail.

Amazing Landscapes

The Kansas City area’s only HOA landscape specialist.

Our landscaping expertise covers design, installation, and maintenance. Expect concierge-level service from folks familiar with working in HOAs and maintenance-provided communities. From a comprehensive analysis of the community that studies everything from color and shading to shrubs and trees to installing show-stopping entrances, common areas, and yard landscaping—we’ve got the knowledge and experience to get it done right the first time. Services include:

If you want HOA landscape design customized and unique to your community, call the team that specialize in homeowner’s associations.

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We can do landscaping work all over Johnson County and the Kansas City area.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear from our satisfied customers.

The owner and employees of Lifestyle Outdoor are a pleasure to work with. I have known Justin, the owner, for many years. He is not only devoted to building a first class business, he is a very kind person.

The attention to detail is above and beyond. I highly recommend Lifestyle Outdoor!

Sally W.

We were very pleased with Justin’s design recommendations. He listened to our ideas, and came up with a great plan that exceeded our expectations. The crew did an awesome job executing all the changes. We really appreciated how careful they were to ensure minimal impacts to our existing landscape, and how they cleaned up everything when they were done.

Gary W.

Wonderful service, friendly workers – our lawns have never looked this good. The mowers take their time and don’t race through the yards.
Everyone seems to take pride in what they are doing. Justin you and your crew are great.

Allyn G

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Make your HOA community stand out with great landscapes.

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we’re committed to making your landscaping dreams come true. Our best-in-the-business crew plans every aspect of your installation to the T. Increase the value of your HOA community with landscaping by LIfestyle Outdoor.

Landscaping FAQs

We get a lot of questions about landscaping; here are some answers.

Does landscaping improve soil drainage?

If your landscaper knows what they’re doing, it can. Sometimes drainage issues can’t be fixed without something like a drain tile, but clever landscaping and shaping of the ground surface can help water drain away rather than soaking into the soil. Drainage solutions are one of our specialties!

What are the best trees to plant in Kansas City?

Kansas and Missouri can support a great variety of tree species! When you’re considering bringing new trees into your landscaping, there are other factors to consider besides whether it’s a native tree. Consider how much water it will need, how much fertilizer and maintenance, the aesthetics you’re going for, and the impact it could have on the existing landscaping. Some good trees to consider include Easter red cedar, oak, or ginkgo trees.

How can I get a green lawn?

You can “fake” it by laying down some fresh sod, or you can work with experts like us to come up with the right fertilizers and lawn treatments to bring a livelier hue to your existing grass.