Irrigation Maintenance in Johnson County

Irrigation maintenance.

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Maintaining Irrigation Systems

Here for your homeowner’s association irrigation needs.

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Maintaining the irrigation system in your HOA is an important aspect of making sure sprinklers, drainage, and water conservation are always working optimally.

Through proper maintenance we can ensure your HOA community is lowering overall water usage and cost while making sure your lawns and landscaping thrive.

Perfect Maintenance, Perfect Results

Keep it green with maintained irrigation systems.

We are experts when it comes to a range of irrigation systems for HOA communities. Whatever the size of your HOA, you’ll get the concierge-level service we’re known for. Some of what you can expect from our irrigation maintenance services include:

15-point inspection and routine performance evaluations

24/7 emergency service

Comprehensive system health reports

Repair of pumps, pipes, controllers, sensors, and sprinkler heads when needed

Optimization of the irrigation zone with checks for water conservation

Winterization of entire irrigation system

A dedicated Lifestyle Concierge always on call

Irrigation Maintenance in Johnson County and the Kansas City area

Maintenance on small and large irrigation systems throughout the area.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear from our satisfied customers.

The owner and employees of Lifestyle Outdoor are a pleasure to work with. I have known Justin, the owner, for many years. He is not only devoted to building a first class business, he is a very kind person.

The attention to detail is above and beyond. I highly recommend Lifestyle Outdoor!

Sally W.

We were very pleased with Justin’s design recommendations. He listened to our ideas, and came up with a great plan that exceeded our expectations. The crew did an awesome job executing all the changes. We really appreciated how careful they were to ensure minimal impacts to our existing landscape, and how they cleaned up everything when they were done.

Gary W.

Wonderful service, friendly workers – our lawns have never looked this good. The mowers take their time and don’t race through the yards.
Everyone seems to take pride in what they are doing. Justin you and your crew are great.

Allyn G
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Make life easier by getting started with irrigation maintenance and other landscaping services today. Lifestyle Outdoor is here all year to keep your neighborhood looking fresh from entrances to common grounds and individual lawns.

Irrigation Maintenance FAQs

We get a lot of questions about irrigation maintenance; here are some answers.

How do I winterize my system?

There are a lot of steps to properly winterize an irrigation system and it goes beyond just insulating some pipes and valves. Learn more about our winterization services.

What is smart irrigation?

You didn’t think they’d stop at smart phones and smart homes, did ya? Smart irrigation systems use sensors to monitor weather, soil conditions, evaporation, and plant water content to automatically adjust watering schedules. Traditional irrigation controllers operate on a preset programmed schedule and timers.

How often should I run my sprinkler?

The needs of your lawn and yard plants will vary depending upon the time of year and the weather. That said, most folks recommend sprinklers run only two or three times each week for about a half hour. If it’s arid out, rather than watering more often, you should just have your sprinklers running for longer than usual.