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Keeping a large scale neighborhood looking crisp isn’t easy, but it’s what we do. Lifestyle Outdoor focuses on HOAs and maintenance-provided communities because no one else in the Kansas City area does.

From neighborhood lawns to common grounds shared by all—we do lawn care with concierge-level service you can count on.

Lawn Care Services

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We hate turn lines and ruts as much as you do, so you know we will take your lawn care seriously. From on time, prompt service to best-in-class communication with homeowners and property managers alike—we stand out from the crowd when it comes to lawn maintenance. In addition to the following lawn care services, we do a customized care program designed for every property. This includes a yearly comprehensive analysis to evaluate growing conditions, light conditions, soil conditions, pH and nutrient levels, root competition, air movement, and more. Our lawn care services include:

We also perform daily equipment maintenance, including mower blade sharpening, so you can trust that we’re working with the best. You can always request a site visit or contact us for more information on specific services we can offer your HOA or maintenance-provided community.

Lawn Maintenance

Leaf removal in spring and fall


Aeration and seeding


Seasonal cleanup

Lawn Care Service Areas

Lifestyle Outdoor does grass all over Johnson County and the Kansas City area.

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Don’t take our word for it, hear from our satisfied customers.

The owner and employees of Lifestyle Outdoor are a pleasure to work with. I have known Justin, the owner, for many years. He is not only devoted to building a first class business, he is a very kind person.

Any issues are handled immediately, so there’s never frustration, or excessive time dealing with a problem. Our homeowners and guests always comment how beautiful our landscaping and lawns are maintained. The attention to detail is above and beyond. I highly recommend Lifestyle Outdoor!


We recently worked with Lifestyle Outdoor to expand the landscape design in our backyard. Working with Justin Simpson and his team was a great experience. We were very pleased with Justin’s design recommendations. He listened to our ideas, and came up with a great plan that exceeded our expectations. He was very responsive and met all commitments when he said he would. The crew did an awesome job executing all the changes. We really appreciated how careful they were to ensure minimal impacts to our existing landscape, and how they cleaned up everything when they were done. We’ve gotten a number of compliments on our yard and have been happy to recommend Lifestyle Outdoor, and will continue to do so!

Gary W.

Wonderful service, friendly workers – our lawns have never looked this good. The mowers take their time and don’t race through the yards.
Everyone seems to take pride in what they are doing. Justin you and your crew are great.

Allyn G

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Lawn Maintenance FAQs

We get a lot of questions about grass; here are some answers.

What time of year do I seed my lawn? 

Most Kansas City lawns are cool season grass, so the best time to plant is about a month and a half before the first expected frost. This should help the grass grow throughout the fall and continue to grow come spring.

What time of year do I aerate my lawn?

The best time to aerate your lawn is usually the same time that you want to seed it. In the Kansas City area, that’s typically early autumn since we mostly grow cool season grass. Early spring is also a good time to aerate because spring is a growing season for cool season grass.

What types of fertilizer should I use?

With fertilizing, things can seem complicated. Some fertilizers are for leaf growth, others for flower and fruit growth. Fertilizer can be organic or inorganic, which is another factor to consider. Before knowing what kind of fertilizer to use, you would want to perform a soil test in early spring to assess pH and acidity. Once you have the baseline information of your soil, take into consideration the grasses or plants you’re growing. Fertilizer comprises different values of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Different ratios of these nutrients provide different results, but for lawns in particular we favor a high nitrogen-to-potassium ratio for boosted leaf growth.

How often should I mow my lawn?

About once a week is a good rule of thumb for how often to mow a lawn. If you try to lengthen the time between mows by cutting it shorter, you’re actively harming your lawn. You shouldn’t cut more than a third of the blade of grass when you mow if you want optimum lushness.