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Custom HOA irrigation Systems

Protect the beauty of your community with custom irrigation.

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Lifestyle Outdoor is the only company in Kansas City that does custom irrigation systems specialized for HOAs. Our expertise allows us to install (and maintain) irrigation systems to lower your community’s overall water usage and cost, while making sure your lawns and landscaping are healthy and vibrant.

HOA Irrigation Design and Installation

Save water and money without sacrificing beauty.

There is no cookie-cutter option for effective HOA community irrigation system design. We take the time to thoroughly assess community needs. For example, within a neighborhood there will be areas that get a lot of direct sunlight and others that are heavily shaded. Our irrigation experts take every inch of the community into consideration. From the planning and design phase to installation, we are experienced with a broad range of systems for communities both large and small. Some specific services include:

Water budget conscious installations—we specialize in smart irrigation.

Worry-free flower pot irrigation and design

24/7 emergency service

Irrigation Design Service Areas

We offer irrigation design and installation throughout Johnson County.

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A man installs a system for smart watering in Overland Park


Don’t take our word for it, hear from our satisfied customers.

The owner and employees of Lifestyle Outdoor are a pleasure to work with. I have known Justin, the owner, for many years. He is not only devoted to building a first class business, he is a very kind person.

The attention to detail is above and beyond. I highly recommend Lifestyle Outdoor!

Sally W.

We were very pleased with Justin’s design recommendations. He listened to our ideas, and came up with a great plan that exceeded our expectations. The crew did an awesome job executing all the changes. We really appreciated how careful they were to ensure minimal impacts to our existing landscape, and how they cleaned up everything when they were done.

Gary W.

Wonderful service, friendly workers – our lawns have never looked this good. The mowers take their time and don’t race through the yards.
Everyone seems to take pride in what they are doing. Justin you and your crew are great.

Allyn G

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White glove service with a green thumb.

We want to help your HOA community with designing and installing an irrigation system customized to your community’s needs. We provide ongoing maintenance to all of our irrigation systems so you can save time and money while preserving your community beauty.

Irrigation Systems FAQs

We get a lot of questions about irrigation; here are some answers

What is landscape irrigation?

Landscape irrigation is the application of water to landscaping by man rather than nature. AKA, rain isn’t irrigation, but your sprinkler is. Proper irrigation keeps your lawns and gardens thriving, but takes careful management from experts like us.

Does an irrigation system add value?

Yes. Irrigation systems offer energy efficiency and save time for homeowners. With any other system like this, proper maintenance will be necessary to ensure it functions for the long term. Luckily, we’re experts at maintaining irrigation systems as well.

How much does yard irrigation cost?

As with most services we provide, there’s no way of knowing what something will cost until we’ve gotten our eyes on the neighborhood. Factors such as the size of your HOA, number of homes, existing features, micro-climates, and materials needed will all affect your total cost.

What are the types of irrigation?

There are a lot of types of irrigation. There’s surface irrigation, localized irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, sub-irrigation, manual irrigation—the list goes on and on. Some types are best suited for major agricultural needs, others work best for communities. Most neighborhood-scale irrigation would be surface, sprinkler, and drip irrigation. Our irrigation pros can assess your needs for best results.