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Outdoor Pest Control in KC

More Than Just Spray – Professional Outdoor Pest Control in Kansas City

Insecticide / August 7, 2023

When you think of your dream yard, what do you see? Green grass, perfect hedges, and huge trees are the typical goals Lifestyle Outdoor our licensed applicators talk about with our customers. Your vision probably doesn’t include ants, spiders, and mosquitos. That’s why we’re happy to offer outdoor pest control in Kansas City. Here’s what you should know to protect your plants and peace of mind.

The Basics of Bugs

There are millions of bugs crawling through every yard in Kansas City. Spiders, ants, and silverfish are the top 3 problem bugs we find in the neighborhoods we serve. But there are so many more species we cover with our outdoor pest control in Kansas City.

Bad Insects

controlling pests protect the public. We consider any insect that may harm the host plant or humans to be a pest. Currently, we’re having to fight Japanese beetles, ticks, and chiggers. We recommend sanitary controls and chemical methods for outdoor pest control in Kansas City. When paired with natural planning, pests can either be eliminated or controlled to coexist with nature.

Beneficial insects

Most Kansans know the roar of the plains and the perfect purple sunset over those waves of grain. But some parts of Kansas City look very different from that type of beauty. You have pollinators to thank for that. By limiting pollinators, you could end up sterilizing your lawn of these insects. That’s why we take an in-depth look into every environment that surrounds your neighborhood.

How we promote natural pollinators

Our mission is to promote the natural environment of neighborhoods. From the fountain around the corner to the new couple’s lawn next door, we carefully control the pollinators that make environments come alive. By limiting the bad and promoting the beneficial, our outdoor pest control in Kansas City helps build the natural environments people enjoy every day.

What we promote

While you may want to help the bees, your HOA might not have the same idea. Our crew understands these kinds of intricacies for all of the neighborhoods we serve. Outdoor pest control in Kansas City truly takes care of the whole neighborhood. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun while we’re at it!

Our Approaches

We typically start treating properties in April and continue monthly throughout periods when pests are active. The last thing you want when you’re making a toast is to get drowned out by cicadas. So we tame the wild outdoors with comprehensive outdoor pest control in Kansas City.

Native species are great! For the most popular neighborhoods we serve like Lenexa and Mission Hills, we help to sterilize the natural environment for the better. With treatments for spider control and mosquito fogging, we form an invisible barrier around your yard. While outdoor pest control in Kansas City may not sound very riveting, we still believe in educating all of our customers.

We take a holistic approach to every neighborhood we serve. , We specialize in outdoor pest control in Kansas City, not extermination. That’s why we stay away from harsh chemicals like pyrethroids. When it comes to roaches, you can trust an exterminator. But when it comes to total control over your yard, we trust the science.

The science behind modern pest control

To create an invisible fence around your property, we start by looking at what’s living in your lawn. Any exterminator can get silverfish out of your home. But what does it take to get there? And how Long does it last? Our approach to outdoor pest control in Kansas City targets population points that we can address with chemicals if needed.

Types of chemicals

We use two methods with totally different chemicals to control populations. The first utilizes systemic chemicals to work into the pest population over time. Contact chemicals, on the other hand, kill insects on contact. Both have their place when it comes to outdoor pest control in Kansas City.


Systemic chemicals are a strategic way of eradicating populations like mosquitos. Since these insects always have to return to their homes, we use commercial-grade insecticides. This allows our outdoor pest control services to go deeper into your neighborhood’s population.


For quicker, on contact results, we opt for what are called contact pesticides. These chemicals kill insects immediately by compromising their air and humanely killing them with just one spray. These are notoriously harmful to other populations, so we use natural approaches to outdoor pest control in Kansas City as well. 

Natural pest control

This is where the fun begins for our pros. When we take a natural approach first, homeowners quickly see how they can get better results with just a holistic touch. We focus on doing what’s best for the land first. This is why our outdoor pest control in Kansas City encompasses the entire health of your outdoor space.

Integrated Pest Management Components

This is the cornerstone of our entire operation. By combining the best techniques for everything from outdoor pest control in Kansas City, to planting a responsible summer garden, our approach helps the communities we serve thrive. To us, Integrated Post Management components (IPM) boil down to 4 basic principles.

Plant Health

Roots are where it all starts. Good root systems need good soil. So we promote composting and nutrient enrichment to the soil. The micro and macro nutrients we need aren’t always there in the amount we need them. So we address every plant health issue before a drop of spray hits your lawn. Each of these principles go hand in hand in every plan we create for outdoor pest control in Kansas City.

Effective Watering

Part of promoting healthy root systems is knowing the right schedule and techniques to give your plants the drink they need. Our team is also careful to point out any areas that can pool up as well. Surface water attracts swarms of mosquitos and more pests. That’s why the site visit is a crucial part of outdoor pest control in Kansas City.


Clay, it’s great for potters. Bad for soil and root systems in our area. Additionally, our area has very alkaline soil. Your land may contain many nutrients that can benefit your system. But 7.2-78 alkaline levels require us to add catalysts and additional nutrients to your soil for natural outdoor pest control in Kansas City.


What’s next to Godliness? When we’re talking about cleanliness and outdoor pest control in Kansas City, we mean cleaning up after mother nature. Autumn is beautiful around here. But where you hear the crunch of the leaves, spiders, moths and other pests see an opportunity to live rent-free. So clean up after mother nature! She’ll reward you with fewer pests to handle.

Stay in Control

Learn more than you bargained for? Good! Lifestyle Outdoor is happy to provide white glove outdoor pest control in Kansas City backed by our green thumbs. Get in touch, or schedule your site visit to take control of your outdoor space!