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summer plants for Kansas City gardens

Our top 10 Summer Plants for Kansas City Gardens

Garden Design / July 12, 2023

We all know that Spring showers bring May flowers. But hotter temperatures aren’t for every plant! That’s why Lifestyle Outdoor is happy to recommend the best summer plants for Kansas City gardens. Check out our top 10 favorite summer flora and fauna, then talk to our pros to make it happen!

10 Tomatoes – There’s nothing like a fresh Juicy tomato. But to get the best results, wait until at least May to plant them. This is one of the best summer plants during the warmer months for gardens of any shape and size. Just be sure to plan your space accordingly, prepare your soil, and give them a lot of sun.


9 Peppers – To add more color to your garden and spice up the kitchen, peppers are a great summer plant for Kansas City gardens. The specific type of pepper is up to you, but we do recommend faster-growing peppers so you can enjoy a harvest before the cooler months come around.

8 Okra – Here in the Midwest, okra is a staple on many tables. It’s also one of the most resilient fruits you can add to your garden. Okra is highly adaptable to dry soil and high heat, making it one of the most popular plants found in Midwest gardens!  

7. Amaranth – This is one of the best summer plants for Kansas City gardens because it’s as nutritious as it is resilient! Since it excels at carbon fixing, no matter what our summer has in store, Amaranth remains beautiful and bountiful with minimal regular maintenance. 

6. Butterfly Bush – These are a great way to add a splash of color and life to your garden. This shrub also serves as a great way to maintain privacy and promote native butterfly populations. We always include options to make your garden just as useful as it is beautiful!

5 Sunflowers – Sunflowers are a great way to brighten the beauty of your space while maximizing its functionality as well! These flowers grow extremely well in the summer and their growing/blooming schedules line up perfectly with the season. 


4 Marigolds – These are one of the most iconic summer flowers for a reason. Marigolds are one of the most popular summer plants for Kansas City gardens because of their numerous varieties and how well they grow in the hottest weather. 

3 Coneflowers – These drought-resistant perennials can be found in prairies and master-planned gardens alike. Scientifically known as Echinacea, these plants are not only beautiful, but they can also be used in herbal remedies. Their bulbs and seeds also foster native songbirds and butterfly populations. The versatility and environmental impact of these flowers make them one of our favorite summer plants for Kansas City gardens.

2 Brown Eyed Susans – Brown and Black Eyed Susans are a fan favorite summer perennial. They grow extremely well in our area throughout the summer, making them a major staple of summer plants for Kansas City gardens. For native flower power, there’s only one more plant we hold in higher regard: what plant?

1. Daisies – When you think about Summer, it’s hard not to think about daisies. These are one of our most requested flowers because of their iconic blooms. They’re also our favorite summer plants for Kansas City gardens because they thrive in our climate while protecting the rest of your plants from pesky wildlife. 

Get Your Garden Growing!

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we’re dedicated to giving our customers the most beautiful spaces while promoting the best practices for the environment. If you’re looking for help getting your garden going, talk to our pros! 

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