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Spider Control in Johnson County

Hybrid Programs for Spider Control in Johnson County

Insecticide / August 7, 2023

No, we’re not talking about the sci-fi spider that turns you into a web-slinging superhero. When we talk about spider control in Johnson County, we’re talking about a much bigger beast. Lifestyle Outdoor is committed to protecting the public by promoting a holistic approach to arachnid control.

As Needed Chemicals

You may want to start with the gnarliest spray you can find. But our approach to spider control in Johnson County goes a whole lot further than just spray. We pair natural approaches with contact and systemic sprays to make sure that spiders learn where they can and can’t live. We avoid pyrethroids and choose the correct spray for trees, shrubs, and grass.

Organic to an Extent

Lifestyle Outdoor gives our customers the best of both worlds by limiting the amount of chemicals we use. Instead, we opt for plant fertility-promoting measures and best practices for spider control in Johnson County. 

Chemicals have their place. If your tree’s dying and you want to save it, we can’t save it effectively and efficiently without chemicals.

Know your spider control in JoCo

Expectations are everything. In many of the hottest neighborhoods in JoCo, cobwebs and nests can ruin a first impression. You may love the look of native grasses after visiting the Tallgrass Preserve. However, real estate with the capacity for native species is very rare. Not to mention that your spider control in Johnson County has to live up to some lofty standards.

“This area has some of the highest standards I’ve seen in the US”

-Justin Simpson

Perfection Comes Standard

We live in a concrete jungle, so Lifestyle Outdoor uses programs that maintain the environment with holistic spider control in Johnson County. With trusted commercial-grade insecticides and responsible upkeep of your lawn’s unique environment, we help spiders find their way away from your home.

We Exceed Expectations

How does your lawn live up to the Johnson County reputation? Ours do with IPM. That stands for Integrated Pest Management—Our gold standard for every hybrid pest control plan. IPM promotes healthy root systems, optimizes watering schedules, and only calls for insecticides when necessary. Lifestyle Outdoor does more than just kill when it comes to spider control in Johnson County. Our team of certified pest control applicators exceeds expectations by promoting healthier, holistic lawns in Kansas and Missouri.

Build your program

Ready to tame your great outdoors? Get started with your hybrid plan for control by scheduling your site visit, getting a free virtual quote, or contacting our team! We’re proud to be the number one HOA and planned neighborhood landscaping company in Johnson County.