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Watering Schedule in Kansas City

Building The Best Watering Schedule In Kansas City

Lawn Care / July 12, 2023

Watering your plants may seem like a no-brainer. Most homeowners just do it when they remember to and let nature take care of the rest. Sadly, this can lead to yards that look more like swamps or deserts. To get everything just right, Lifestyle Outdoor will tailor your schedule to your plants’ exact needs. Here’s what we talk to our customers about when building their watering schedule in Kansas City.

Why You Need To Water

While keeping your lawn fresh and lush is the obvious benefit, there are a few other ways that regular watering can improve the health of your plants. Regular watering can also prevent common pests, diseases,, and seasonal damage throughout the year. When we build a custom watering schedule in Kansas City, we take a deep dive into the species, placement, and daily life of your plants.

Watering For Grass vs. Trees

Contrary to popular belief, trees need just as much TLC as grass. However, the way you should water them is very different. Since the root structure of each plant is different, your watering schedule in Kansas City needs to factor in those differences.

Grass is relatively simple. When we understand the hardiness of the breed of grass, we can pinpoint exactly how deeply and how often you should water it to build the optimal watering schedule in Kansas City.

Trees are a very different story. To build the optimal watering schedule in Kansas City for trees, we factor in the age, root system, and surrounding area to ensure proper hydration. We can also build a specialized irrigation system to target the root ball deep within the soil. This ensures that your new and existing trees get the water they need to thrive.

When You Need To Water

Your plants can’t speak for themselves. But when you need to water them, they’ll show you. If your grass is curling, laying flat, or losing its luster, your lawn could use a drink. The same goes for your trees and shrubs. If leaves are looking wilted, discolored, or thin, it’s time to water them!

We recommend scheduling your water cycle in the morning or in the evening. In the morning, you’ll need to water everything to a good deep soak to prepare it for the heat of the day. If you’re watering your plants in the evening, make sure to complete your watering before 6 PM to allow the water to fully soak in before the night air sets in. 

A good rule of thumb for your watering schedule in Kansas City is to anticipate the conditions. During warmer seasons, you may need to water an additional time or two throughout the week to counteract the heat and stress your plants go through. The majority of water consumption around the home in the summer is devoted to keeping plants hydrated and healthy. But as the months cool down, you can reserve watering to once or twice a week. 

How You Need to Water

One of the biggest factors for your watering schedule in Kansas City is how to water your plants. The soil composition and the type of plant determine how much water your plants need and how long you need to water them.

The optimal amount of water for your lawn can be different for your trees, shrubs, and flowers, so it’s important to manage each schedule accordingly. Our most effective watering schedule in Kansas City factors in the heavily compacted clay soil. Since this soil has a very slow infiltration rate, we recommend watering just like we love our barbeque; low and slow. It may take more work, but the reward is always worth it.

The low and slow approach is known in our industry as the cycle and soak method; the cycle is the watering frequency and the soak is soil absorption. This watering method drastically improves the efficiency and efficacy of your watering schedule in Kansas City. Our friends at the Johnson County K-State extension office are a great resource to learn more about this process.

Specialists for success

If this all sounds like a lot to keep in mind—because it is! Maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as keeping up the inside. That’s why our customers trust Lifestyle Outdoor to build the best watering schedule in Kansas City. We specialize in maintenance-provided neighborhoods and help HOAs all over Kansas City. 

If you’re ready to take charge of your land, request a site visit, or get a free quote online to learn from your trusted neighborhood experts.