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sprinkler winterization

5 Sprinkler Winterization Tips

Lawn Care / November 22, 2023

Here in the Midwest, the days after the first frost are the coziest it gets in the fall. Unfortunately, it’s also the first test to see who protects their sprinkler system and who needs replacements. That’s why the Lifestyle Outdoor team adheres to the best practices when it comes to changing with the seasons.

We’re not fortune tellers, but we can spot systems without sprinkler winterization a mile away in the spring. From the initial freezes that can cause gushing bursts to the slow leaks that can cost thousands, watertight pipes are important. To get the most out of every day outside, protect your lawn with these 5 tips.

1. Learn Your Frost Level

To understand where to put your irrigation, we take a look at the average frost depth over the life of your lawn. Frost depth reports are gauged by cross-referencing data from frost tube instruments and visual reports from construction or cemetery sites. By understanding how deep the ground freezes, we know how deep to dig your main system to avoid freezing. Precaution is the first step to prevention when it comes to sprinkler winterization.

2. Build Your System to Last

We love a good deal as much as the next guy. But when it comes to your sprinkler system, affordability is just as important as quality. At Lifestyle Outdoor, we install low-gravity drainage systems when necessary. This allows every system to remain dry throughout the winter. Keeping everything clear and dry throughout your system is key to sprinkler winterization every year. We offer additional services to all of our customers following their irrigation installation.

3. Plan Your Service

To plan for winterization, we recommend planning ahead at least 2 months in advance. This ensures that you’re on the list for a reputable provider, or that you’re able to rent the tools and set aside the time to do this yourself. When we get a day off, we can think of thousands of things we’d rather do than irrigation maintenance. So we’re glad to help homeowners everywhere expertly care for their homes effortlessly.

4. Clean and Clear

You clean out your gutters and keep the outside of your house clean, so why stop at ground level? Your entire irrigation system needs to be cleaned out to complete regular sprinkler winterization. With this service, you’re not just buying air; you’re getting peace of mind that your yard won’t have to be torn up in the spring to repair and replace parts of your system. 

5. Fight the Freeze

The most important thing to remember when it comes to sprinkler winterization is that you’re making an investment in a lot more than the life of your sprinkler system. Even with the best lawn care practices and expertly selected plants, a broken pipe or a leaky head can freeze other home improvements in their tracks. To enjoy every season, it pays to work with the only HOA-focused landscaping company in Overland Park.

Ready for Winter?

Ready or not, here it comes! Will you change with the seasons, or let a leaky pipe cost you thousands in repairs? Get in touch with our sprinkler winterization experts to schedule your site visit. Or get a free quote with our online tool!