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Winter Lawn Treatment

Lifestyle Outdoor’s Winter Lawn Treatment Guide

Lawn Care / November 22, 2023

Many customers come to us for expert care during the spring and summer. But our crew doesn’t take the winter off when the temps drop and the sleeves get longer! We look to improve the health and beauty of your lawn naturally by taking cues from Mother Nature all year round. To bear the winter and wake up refreshed in the spring, lawns and bears aren’t so different. Think we’re crazy? See for yourself with Lifestyle Outdoor’s winter lawn treatment guide!

Pack on the Nutrients

Just as bears stock up on nutrients to prepare for hibernation, your lawn needs to as well. Starting in late October, we add over 70% of the nutrients your lawn needs in a year. This is because your lawn actually goes into hibernation as the nights get longer and the frost sets in. Let’s take a look at what your lawn needs to survive the winter and thrive in the spring. 


This is the element that makes your lawn rich and green. Nitrogen is a key part of the creation of chlorophyll, the compound responsible for the green pigment in the grass. This pigment is what drives plants to create sugars from carbon dioxide and water. These sugars are the fuel that grass uses to create new, healthy fibers as it grows.

This is the first number on your typical fertilizer bag. The N-P-K ratio is the balance of each key element grass needs to survive and thrive. While many think that high nitrogen levels are best in the early spring, too much nitrogen too late may actually end up feeding weeds and create a nightmare of a mowing schedule. We’ll get into that after we see what volcanoes and bananas have to do with your lawn.


As volcanoes erupted millions of years ago, phosphorus was making its way to your prehistoric lawn. Your grass needs it today just the same as it did millions of years ago. We include phosphorus in winter lawn treatments to help plants create healthy, strong root systems. This allows the plant to hunker down deep below the frost line.

To build those root systems, your grass goes through metabolic processes that transfer the sun’s energy throughout the plant. That’s why it’s crucial to introduce phosphorus before your grass goes dormant. With an abundance of this key element, your grass can grow more efficiently as it comes out of hibernation.


Before you ask, we don’t fertilize your lawn with bananas. By mixing in what’s commonly referred to as potash, we introduce optimal amounts of potassium. This element is responsible for the internal processes of the plant cells that control photosynthesis, water absorption, respiration, and protein production. 


Just as a bear’s organs still need to function during hibernation, we use potassium in our winter lawn treatments to fight off the chill as your grass lays dormant. Without enough potassium, a plant can grow weak, leaving it more vulnerable to drought, disease, or injury.

Going Into Hibernation

To prep for hibernation, a bear may stock up on food, spend more time fishing, and build their ideal den. Unfortunately, your grass doesn’t have the luxury to get up and grab these nutrients for itself. So here’s how Lifestyle Outdoor prepares your lawn for hibernation. 

Keep It Clear

Don’t leave those leaves! It may be the last thing you want to do while the days outside are fleeting. But trust us, it’s worth it. We have fun with this by using gentle leaf blowers and heavy-duty vacuums. Clearing those leaves is an important task to let your grass enjoy its last few days in the sun just as much as you do.

Mow It Low

Without scalping your lawn, you’ll want to gradually decrease the height of your lawn during the winter months. Shorter grass means fewer chances for fungal infections during dormancy and many other benefits. We recommend mowing below 2.5” from the start of October and gradually down to 2” after the first frost.


We mow low during winter lawn treatments to minimize the chance of damage from freezes, snow mold, and winter kill. The less you mess with grass during dormancy, the more it will pay off in the spring. Throughout each mow, we’re also planning additional fertilizer and checking your irrigation system to cover all our bases.

Blow It Out

Anyone with an irrigation system can tell you that repairs are the last thing they want to deal with. Peace of mind for your pipes starts with buying air. The pros at Lifestyle like to joke that we sell air to make it through the winter, but our winter lawn treatments go deeper than that. 

We also measure the current frost line and recommend changes when needed to limit the impact that frost has on your pipes. Additionally, we check for signs of problem areas and thoroughly clean your entire irrigation system before sealing it up for winter. To water responsibly in the winter, we carefully watch weather patterns and plan accordingly. This is where being a local comes in handy. Lifestyle Outdoor is never too far away from our customers as we wait out the winter together.

Practicing Patience

While you may see more of our partner Rose Property Management for snow removal, our crews regularly check up on our neighborhoods throughout the winter to document and improve growth for the spring. While it may be difficult to wait for warmer temps, we tell every customer to do two things while they wait for a lush lawn:

Trust the Process

It may sound like a lot of work to prep your lawn for the winter, but it’s worth every hour and dime you spend in the long run. Instead of having to pay for new sod or seeding, you’re taking a holistic approach to managing your lawn for the better. This isn’t just a great way to feel greener; it also saves you a ton of green over time.

Watch and Learn

Nothing may happen on the surface of your lawn, but as you prepare your grass with winter lawn treatments, continue to document your process to compare and improve results next year. At Lifestyle Outdoor, we’re always improving our processes and researching new ways to serve our customers. Spend enough time around our crew, and you’ll likely become a lawn nerd too!

The Science Behind a Better Spring Lawn

While many landscape companies claim to know the secrets to spring growth, our secret is simple science. With our winter lawn treatments, it’s not hard to tell why we’re the only HOA-focused lawn care specialists Johnson County needs. Here’s what the hottest neighborhoods in the KC area see every spring with our services:

Healthier Soil

Our winter lawn treatments are devoted to digging deeper than the surface. We believe that a healthier lawn starts with the soil. With nutrient-rich soil, your grass has everything it needs to grow fast and strong as the spring thaw wakes everything up. This is why we put down the majority of your nutrients in the winter and early spring. 


While the nutrients may not get absorbed during hibernation, they get stored in the soil to be there when the grass needs them for the first growth cycles. Think of it like setting your coffee pot in the evening to wake up right in the morning.

Stronger Roots

The nutrients that the grass absorbs during hibernation are what drive root growth as the soil becomes softer after winter. By planning the optimal fertilizer before, during, and after our winter lawn treatments, we ensure that your grass has strong roots to withstand the winter and wake up in the spring.

This is also why we recommend aeration and efficient irrigation in the fall. To experience new growth in the spring, there needs to be room for new, stronger roots to form. By limiting compaction and promoting healthy root growth, we create a thriving system eager to grow.

Greener Grass

Above all else, JoCo is famous for our green, lush lawns. The greenest lawns in the Midwest don’t come easy, which is why specialized care is important year-round. Since many HOAs don’t have the time or expertise to devote to their properties, they call in our experts. Our winter lawn treatments use forward-thinking and data-driven planning to systematically and holistically improve the color and composition of grass throughout the neighborhoods we serve.

When you break it down, the tools, resources, and expertise of our experts are extremely expensive to achieve on your own. Thankfully, homeowner associations allow their residents to keep professional lawn care affordable and effective. If you’re in any of the neighborhoods we serve, our pros are happy to answer any questions and set up your own personalized plan!

Weather the Winter

Hunker down and gear up for winter with the only HOA-focused lawn care service in Johnson County. Your grass needs to feed before it freezes, so call our pros to build your winter lawn treatment plan. Schedule your consultation for a completely in-depth walkthrough with recommendations. Or get a free quote online! We’re excited to see your lawn in the spring!

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