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Lawn Aeration

The Importance of Lawn Aeration in Kansas City

Lawn Care / August 15, 2022

As summer winds down and fall approaches, aerating your lawn is one of the most important things you can do to promote its health going into the colder months.

Lawn aeration in Kansas City and the surrounding areas is a particularly important part of lawn maintenance because of our clay soil. The ground is already tight and compact by nature, which can prevent water and nutrients from getting to the grassroots.

Many people do not aerate their lawns. But the healthiest lawns that the team at Lifestyle Outdoor sees are ones that are aerated annually, and fall is the best time to have your HOA and residential property lawns treated. 

There’s a significant amount of lawn prep that happens each fall in order to prepare for the spring. Don’t forget lawn aeration as a key part of your fall lawn care schedule.

What is lawn aeration?

Lawn aeration is the process of punching holes, about 2 to 3 inches deep, all over the yard’s surface. During the summer, heavy foot traffic and dry weather compact the soil , restricting air and water from reaching the root systems. Aeration can relieve this.

The most effective way to aerate your lawn is to utilize a machine that punches holes and then removes the cores from the ground. 

Why should you aerate your lawn?

Relieving ground compaction is really only part of the reason you should aerate your lawn.

There are 3 main benefits of lawn aeration in Kansas City:

Fertilizer is more effective

Lawn aeration gives fertilizer, water, and other nutrients direct access to the root system, making them more readily available to plants, and ultimately more effective.

Stimulating root growth

We prune plants in order to facilitate growth, but that isn’t just true for the visible part of the plant. It works for roots too! Grass root systems are very close to the surface. While your lawn is being aerated, it’s making small cuts in the roots, which will cause the roots to grow back fuller and stronger.

Creating organic matter

When it’s making the holes, the lawn aerator pulls out the cores and leaves them like little pellets all over your yard. These bits of soil then decompose and become organic matter that feeds your yard even further.

Lifestyle Outdoor is here to take care of all your lawn care needs, including lawn aeration, in Kansas City.

Our team are experts in all things lawn care and maintenance. Discover the difference that THE white-glove service with a green thumb can make for your property today! Reach out to schedule a site visit, or use our online quote tool.