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lawn reseeding

How An Irrigation System Makes Lawn Reseeding a Breeze

Lawn Care / July 27, 2022

If your grass has suffered extensive damage from common lawn problems like pests or drought, it may be time to look at lawn reseeding.

Planting new grass doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but it does require some attention. New grass seed needs adequate water, or it won’t take root. Installing a well-designed irrigation system can make lawn reseeding easier and more effective, especially if you’re looking at reseeding for an entire HOA community.

Reseeding a lawn costs both time and money, which is why you want to do it right the first time. The Lifestyle Outdoor team is experienced in bringing effective, custom-designed irrigation systems to HOAs.

Watering your lawn while reseeding

Once a lawn has been reseeded, it needs to be kept wet. If the lawn is allowed to dry out, the seed won’t take root. For the first 2 weeks after seeding, that can mean watering 2 or 3 times a day. 

Even after the seeds sprout, you’ll still need to water regularly for the first couple weeks after germination, usually until the grass is about three inches tall.

Watering everyday, multiple times can start to feel like a chore. If you use a smart irrigation system, you’re able to set the system to water and leave it to do its job. That’s definitely working smarter, not harder.

When’s the best time to reseed your lawn?

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to start the lawn reseeding process. September is an ideal month because it’s past the hottest part of summer before fall temperatures make an appearance. Aim to reseed your lawn between September 1st and October 1st.

If pressed, you can probably reseed until October 15th. The problem with reseeding in October is that’s when we typically see temperatures start to drop, and if we get an early freeze, young grass won’t survive it.

Really, mid-October is when you should start thinking about wintertime lawn and plant care.

What’s the best seed to use?

Not all seed mixes are created equal. It’s best to avoid seed mixes from big box stores and look for local organic seed mixes. Look for a blue label, certified seed mix.

Let the experts at Lifestyle Outdoor make lawn reseeding easier!

Don’t risk wasting your time and energy trying to reseed your lawn. Lifestyle Outdoor has proven client satisfaction and decades of experience working with HOAs and private properties on turf management and lawn care.

Request a site visit or use our online quote tool to get an estimate. Let THE white-glove service with a green thumb give your lawn a fresh start.