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Lawn Problems in Kansas City

What’s Killing My Grass? | 3 Common Lawn Problems

Lawn Care / July 26, 2022

It’s really frustrating when you start seeing brown spots appear in your yard. Not only does it look bad, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out why it’s happening. Googling “what’s killing my grass” can turn up a lot of results. 

How do you know when to call the pros in? Read on for an explanation of 3 common lawn problems and solutions, from the Kansas City experts at Lifestyle Outdoor


The number one thing that is probably killing your grass is a poor irrigation system. Unlike trees and bushes, grass roots stay in the first couple of inches of soil. Because the root system is surface level, if grass is not getting enough water, your lawn will suffer.

Irrigation is especially important during the hotter summer months in places like Kansas City, when we’re getting long stretches without rain. If you don’t already have a comprehensive irrigation system, it’s time to get one installed.

If your lawn isn’t being properly watered, it can lead to other problems, like pests. Lawns are like humans, if they’re not getting enough water, they are more likely to get sick.


When a lawn isn’t getting enough water, the grass gets stressed out and is more susceptible to damage from pests. Weakened plant systems make ideal homes for things like grubs and armyworms.

Grubs really start to become a problem in August, around the time when lawns are looking extra dry from the summer heat. If you have a grub problem, you’ll start to see brown patches appearing in your lawn.

While they’re not a problem every year, armyworms are also a pest to look out for. An armyworm infestation can kill a lawn overnight. They eat the whole plant, not just the roots like grubs, which leaves your whole yard looking brown.


Though not as common as irrigation issues and pest problems, fungus and other lawn diseases might be behind why your grass is dying.

Fungus typically happens in hot and humid environments. If your lawn doesn’t have a lot of air movement or is shaded by trees, it won’t dry out as quickly. That sort of moist environment is the perfect incubator for fungus growth.

Fungi are easily treated with preventive or curative maintenance.

What should I do if my lawn is dead?

The first step is to make sure you’ve taken care of what’s killing your grass in the first place. If that original problem isn’t remedied, you’ll run into the same problem again with your new grass, if it even grows!

A custom designed irrigation system is essential to making your lawn beautiful and easy to maintain. Most lawn problems are caused by poor irrigation. Lifestyle Outdoor specializes in irrigation systems for HOAs, but is also experienced in custom systems for residential needs.

If the damage to your lawn is extensive, you might want to consider reseeding your lawn. Working with Lifestyle Outdoor, you’ll have access to our expertise on the right fertilizers and lawn treatments to keep your lawn looking vibrant! We also offer safe options for pest control

Contact Lifestyle Outdoors for more information on achieving a beautiful lawn!

Lifestyle Outdoors are experts at keeping lawns alive for HOAs in Kansas City! If you’re struggling with breathing life back into a browning lawn, give us a call to request a site visit. Our white-glove service with a green thumb is guaranteed to bring your lawn back beautifully.