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Best Privacy Plants in Overland Park

Your Guide to the Best Privacy Plants in Overland Park

Uncategorized / July 12, 2023

There’s nothing worse than nosey neighbors or noisy traffic. But privacy fences can require a lot of maintenance and detract from the natural beauty of your landscape. 

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we’re committed to helping the communities we serve have the highest quality of outdoor living possible. So when it comes to building private outdoor spaces, we don’t build fences, we plant them! Here’s how we recommend the best privacy plants in Overland Park.

What’s best for your land?

We start by finding out what plants work best for your land. Kansas is a notoriously tricky environment; you’ll need to find plants that can stand up to all four of our seasons. To find the ideal plants for you, we draw from decades of combined experience working in communities of all kinds across the Midwest. 

We only use plants that can thrive in our unique climate and our soils. During our onsite visit, we’ll test PH levels, survey natural water sources, and get to know the regular conditions of your land. Using our findings, we’ll help you choose from our selection of privacy plants in Overland Park based on a few additional factors.

What are your goals?

Our team will go in-depth to find the right plants for your space and your overall community. We adhere to HOA and community best practices to make choosing the best privacy plants in Overland Park as easy as maintaining them! To help us select the right plants for your property, we’ll determine what your plants will do for your space.

If you’re just looking to keep the neighborhood kids from running through your yard, we might recommend a few shrubs that we can easily trim into a natural barrier. The squeals of kids are one thing, but if your home is next to a street, you may also want to consider adding trees and shrubs to reduce noise and provide privacy

What’s right for your neighborhood?

Finding what’s right for you is a high priority, but we go the extra mile by providing the right solution that fits into your neighborhood. This is why HOAs and maintenance-provided communities trust our pros. When it comes to your neighborhood, our experience helps us to give you exactly what you want while still adhering to your budget and HOA regulations. Our service isn’t cookie-cutter, so your design won’t be either. 

From the design to the maintenance, the best privacy plants in Overland Park create unique, functional spaces for all of our customers. The design team will work within the guidelines of your HOA, but we keep all of our customers’ landscaping as unique as they are. This is because we prioritize communication just as much as perfect plantings.

What’s right for your budget?

The biggest challenge for most HOAs is often the budget. That’s why we foster an open dialogue for all of the communities we serve. If your dreams for your neighborhood will turn its fees into a nightmare, we can recommend solutions that accommodate most budgets, while still including the best plants for privacy in Overland Park.

Our dialogue doesn’t just stop at the design stage either. At Lifestyle Outdoor, we schedule service and testing for every neighborhood we serve. This allows us to give a detailed report regarding the performance and overall health of your natural environment. We also include a dedicated Lifestyle Concierge to answer any questions or requests regarding your neighborhood’s natural beauty. 

Our top plant recommendations

The most frequently asked questions we get revolve around our recommendations for plants. So while we’re happy to answer any questions in a call or a site visit, we believe in education just as much as communication. Here are our top recommendations when it comes to the best privacy plants in Overland Park:


Green Giant Arborvitae – These are large, vigorous, fast-growing evergreens. They grow as much as 3 feet per year until they reach full maturity. This is a common recommendation for natural privacy because of its conical shape and rich green foliage that changes color with the seasons.

Upright Junipers – The Juniper family is full of great screening options. These are some of the best privacy plants in Overland Park because they are fast-growing hardy plants. They provide excellent screening, while staying beautiful all four seasons and requiring minimal maintenance.

Zelkova SerrataExotic species are often requested, but only some are viable for long-term performance in our climate. Japanese Zelkova is one of the few exceptions to this rule. Its unique makeup allows it to be a very versatile tree with an even height and spread, making this one of the best—and most budget-friendly—privacy plants in Overland Park.



Boxwoods – One of the most recognizable shrubs in the United States also happens to be one of the best privacy plants in Overland Park. This is due to the flexibility of their form, size and use. Buxus—as they’re known in the world of arborists—has many different species that work well in different conditions, climates, and soils, making this an effective, versatile addition to many neighborhoods we service. 

Spirea – A beautiful addition to natural barriers, the Spirea family has a few species we can choose from for your neighborhood. To determine which works best, we’ll consider why, how, and where we’ll be planting. Each type of Spirea has unique characteristics that make them work well as borders, barriers, and hedges.

Roses – Shrub roses are often hard for homeowners to maintain on their own. But with the expertise of Lifestyle Outdoor, we take care of the hard part and you get to enjoy the iconic look of a beautiful rose bush! These are some of the best privacy plants in Overland Park because they provide a classic, regal look and, with our expert maintenance, they can become wonderful screens and barriers.


Fountain Grass – For that functional, quintessential Kansas look, this grass gives the look and feel of the prairie right in your backyard. This popular ornamental grass thrives in our soil with little maintenance required for optimal growth. The flower spikes are often found in centerpieces as well, so it’s not uncommon to see our customers bringing their great outdoors inside!

Maiden Grass – These ornamental grasses are one of the best privacy plants in Overland Park for a few reasons. They grow alongside some of the fastest-growing trees we offer, making them a great addition to new builds and renovations. This grass also is largely infertile, meaning that we can control where it’s planted and it won’t invade other areas of the neighborhood. 

Feather Reed Grass – This grass comes hailed by the Perennial Plant Association as one of the most versatile, attractive, and low-maintenance ornamental grasses. The most common cultivar we plant is Karl Foerster, instantly recognizable while in bloom by its golden flower heads. These are some of the best privacy plants in Overland Park because they’re a beautiful, hardy substitute for a medium-sized fence.

Putting it all together

You can find all of the plants listed above in the neighborhoods we’re trusted with every day. But how do we ensure these plants will last longer and look beautiful no matter what Kansas has to throw at them? To determine the best privacy plants in Overland Park, we maintain our knowledge just as well as our neighborhoods.

We consult with Kansas State University’s research and extension resources, regularly reference the USDA’s plant hardiness map, and we employ an in-house ISA-certified Arborist. This ensures that all of our projects are built to provide beautiful, ethical designs in every neighborhood we serve. We also have an intimate understanding of the community we work in and stay up to date with the latest environmental developments in each area.

We’re #1 for a reason

At Lifestyle Outdoor we’re driven to provide white-glove service for HOAs and maintenance-provided communities with a green thumb. For everything from advice on the best privacy plants in Overland Park to irrigation systems and snow removal, we’re here to help year-round. 

Schedule your site visit, or get a free estimate for your project today!