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When to Prune in Kansas City

When to Prune Your Property

Lawn Care / January 8, 2022

Are you unsure about when to prune in Kansas City? You aren’t alone. Lifestyle Outdoor has decades of experience taking care of HOAs and private property landscaping, and in our collaboration with HOAs, we’ve heard a few questions pop up again and again. Chief among them: when should we start pruning?

We want the HOAs we work with to have the best landscaping possible, and making informed decisions about the best way to care for your property is the #1 way to make that happen. That’s why we’re here to answer your questions about all things pruning!

When to Prune

It’s important to prune before first budding because once the plant has budded, any pruning will be harming the new, fresh growth. This can exhaust the plant’s energy reserves and lead to unattractive or uneven growth for the rest of the year.

When to Prune in Kansas City

The ideal times to prune are after the first frost of the year, or in mid-to-late February, before first budding. These periods give you the most accurate window to make sure you are cutting back whatever old growth you want without harming the new growth you need for the plant to become beautiful and remain visually appealing. There isn’t one better time to prune between the two periods; it simply depends upon your schedule and seasonal weather.

Taking your time, planning ahead, and determining what works best for your property is vital for visually appealing and healthy outcomes for your landscaping.

Signs It’s Time To Prune

Beyond the time of year, the single largest indicator that you likely need to prune a plant is noticeable overgrowth. Wild or gnarled plants are unattractive and indicative of old or insufficient growth.

Though primarily an aesthetic issue, gnarled or overgrown plants can be tough to deal with. Each plant requires individualized care, which is what makes pruning so intensive. To maximize a plant’s growth potential and aesthetic quality, it’s essential to give it the attention and care it needs. This can make pruning on your own quite difficult

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Common Pruning Mistakes

However, many people are invested in their yards and landscaping and want to be involved in caring for their property. This can lead to various mistakes and minor errors that can negatively impact a property’s landscaping. The most common mistake by far? Cutting too much.

Cutting too much from a plant while pruning is an easy mistake to make because not all plants respond to pruning the same way. Hydrangeas, for instance, bloom on new and old growth wood. So, some homeowners cut away large amounts of old growth, unintentionally preventing their hydrangeas from growing that spring.

Likewise, property owners aren’t sure how much to remove when pruning and will perform overly aggressive pruning on a plant that cannot handle it.

Pruning Safely

Any form of do-it-yourself pruning can have risks. We encourage you to turn to professionals.

With larger landscaping features, like trees, you may potentially need to scale significant heights or remove sizable limbs, either of which can cause injury to people and property. Or, if pruning smaller plants, you might harm the plant in question. Over-pruning or improper pruning can damage stems and limb growth, potentially rotting or drying the plant. 

In both instances, you’re creating unnecessary risks and potentially setting yourself up to have to spend more money later.

Lifestyle Outdoor Provides the Pruning Services Your Property Needs

If you need dormant or rejuvenation pruning services, turn to the best landscaping and lawn care company in Kansas City. Lifestyle Outdoor offers complete landscaping maintenance services for your property’s needs year-round. We have decades of experience serving HOAs and private properties and a track record of complete client satisfaction.

Lifestyle Outdoor provides all Johnson County HOAs with unbeatable service through our HOA-focused landscaping and lawn care solutions. Our years of experience, commitment to building relationships, and dependable quality are why we’re the number one partner in all things HOA property maintenance.

Reach out to learn more about the landscaping, lawn care, and pruning services we provide or get a quote with our online quote tool. When it comes to dormant and rejuvenation pruning in Kansas City, there’s simply no one better. Discover the difference that THE white-glove service with a green thumb can make for your property today!