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The Benefits of a Weeding Service in Kansas City

Weeding Fundamentals: Why Use A Weeding Service?

Lawn Care / April 14, 2023

Lots of homeowners and HOA property managers ask us “Why should I use a weeding service in Kansas City? Isn’t it easier to just take care of it myself?” To which we usually respond: “It might be. Depends on your home and your community.” And that’s true! A weeding service won’t necessarily be the right call for every homeowner. 

Having said that, weeding is an art form. And knowing how to prevent weeds means understanding the task is not a one-time job, but rather a continual lawncare chore. That’s the real benefit of a weeding service in Kansas City—they take the guesswork out of caring for your lawn.

How a Weeding Service Takes Care of Your Lawn

Here’s what a quality weeding service in Kansas City will do to take care of your lawn.

Feed Regularly

Proper lawn care is the best medicine. When your lawn is stressed out, it has a higher chance of being taken over by weeds. Feeding your lawn regularly every 6 to 8 weeks during the growing season with lawn fertilizer helps your lawn stay thick and lush, making it less welcoming to weeds by leaving little space for them to grow. You can also give your lawn a boost by aerating or dethatching as needed.

Mow Higher

Weed seeds, like all plants, require sunlight to sprout. The next time you mow, raise your mower height. Mowing at a taller height, usually one of the two highest settings on your mower, helps the grass grow tall and thick to shade the soil, so weed seeds are less able to sprout and grow.

For more details, check out our lawn mowing tips for homeowners in Kansas City!

Water Deeply 

Watering deeply and infrequently helps your lawn grow deeper roots so it can better compete with weeds. Frequent, shallow waterings encourage shallow root growth. This makes the grass more likely to suffer during periods of heat and drought, causing thin and bare spots that weeds will take advantage of. When your lawn develops deep roots, it can grow thicker to help crowd out weeds.

Targeted Herbicide Treatment

More than just expert lawn care, though, a commercial weed service in Kansas City can take advantage of herbicide applications. Usually at a potency and efficacy level higher than what a private citizen can purchase from a gardening store or big box store.

These chemical agents aren’t built the same and are useful for treating different types of weeds in Kansas City. As a rule, though, we use three distinct weeding treatments—applications—throughout the year to create foundational protection for your lawn.

First Application: Pre-Emergent

By applying pre-emergent herbicides early in the year, you can effectively control annual weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail, and other weed varieties before they start growing. This is important because once these weeds have established themselves in your lawn, they can be difficult to control and can quickly take over, competing with your grass for nutrients, water, and sunlight.

Additionally, applying pre-emergent herbicides early in the year can help reduce the number of weeds that appear later in the growing season, which can make it easier to maintain a healthy and attractive lawn throughout the year. Overall, applying pre-emergent herbicides at the right time can help promote a healthy and beautiful lawn while minimizing the need for additional weed control measures later on.

Second Application: Post-Emergent

By applying post-emergent herbicides in late spring, you can target and control the weeds that have already emerged in your lawn, helping to prevent them from spreading and competing with your grass for resources. This can help to promote a healthier and more attractive lawn by allowing your grass to grow and thrive without the interference of weeds.

It’s important to note that post-emergent herbicides should be used carefully, as they can also harm desirable plants if not applied correctly. It’s important to carefully follow the instructions on the product label and apply the herbicide only to the areas where weeds are present, while avoiding any desirable plants or grass. Additionally, it’s important to use caution when applying post-emergent herbicides on windy days, as the herbicide can drift and damage nearby plants.

Third Application: Sedge Treatment

Summer is a key time to treat sedges because this is when they are actively growing and are most susceptible to herbicides. Applying herbicides to sedges during the summer can help control their growth and prevent them from spreading further in your lawn.

When treating for sedges in summer, it’s important to use the appropriate herbicides and follow all label instructions carefully. Some herbicides may be more effective than others, depending on the specific type of sedge and the severity of the infestation. In some cases, multiple treatments may be necessary to fully control the sedge population in your lawn.

In Summary…

The best weed control, or anywhere else for that matter, is a weeding service in Kansas City. Professional landscaping experts can provide lasting lawncare support and ensure you’ve got healthy, dense turf. No matter what you use, seeding, aeration, and a healthy lawn will always be the single best way to ensure you keep weeds under control and your landscaping is beautiful and pest-free year-round. 

Let’s face it, landscaping is a lot of work. It benefits your property, is great to look at, and makes spending time outdoors more enjoyable, but it requires real effort to keep healthy and attractive. But you can take the stress of maintenance off your hands. That’s where Lifestyle Outdoor can help!

Lifestyle Outdoor Can Help

If you’re in the market for a comprehensive weeding service in Kansas City, there is no better team. Lifestyle Outdoor offers complete landscaping maintenance services for your property’s needs year-round. We have decades of experience serving HOAs and private properties and a track record of complete client satisfaction.

Lifestyle Outdoor provides all Johnson County HOAs with unbeatable service through our HOA-focused landscaping and lawn care solutions. Our years of experience, commitment to building relationships, and dependable quality are why we’re the number one partner in all things HOA property maintenance.

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