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The Best Patio Pavers in Overland Park

Uncategorized / June 3, 2024

The weather is warming up, and you want to spend time outdoors. But what should you do if your outdoor space doesn’t have the necessary features for entertaining?

If you’re going to be spending your time outside and in the elements, it’s important that you have the right space for the job. This is why you should consider installing a patio in your backyard. 

The idea of constructing a patio may be a little daunting, but there’s no need to worry! At Lifestyle Outdoor, we use the best patio pavers in Overland Park when we design and construct your new patio. And, thanks to our experts, you won’t have to lift a finger while we install your beautiful new outdoor space.

What Makes Us the Best?

You may be wondering, “how can you offer the best patio pavers in Overland Park?” And that’s a great question! Lifestyle Outdoor is committed to providing you with the best service every time, and that involves using the best materials. 

In the landscaping and hardscaping world, it’s easy to feel lost and confused. If you’re not familiar with the terminology and technology behind our installation methods, then you can’t be sure if your contractors are giving you the best bang for your buck.

You won’t have to worry about that when you work with our team. We’re committed to open communication, so you won’t just be stuck on the sidelines. We’ll keep you updated on every step of your project.

Our Philosophy

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we’re committed to building you an outdoor space you love. One of the best parts about a quality outdoor area is the community that it fosters.

People enjoy Patio Pavers in Overland Park

When you have a backyard that you’re proud of, you can share it with your friends and family. And in this fast-paced world, it can be a monumental challenge to find the time to get started on a project as big as this one. That’s why we want to take it off your hands.

You won’t have to take the time to educate yourself on how to build an outdoor space all on your own! Before you know it, you’ll have the outdoor space that you’ve always dreamed about.

Our services aren’t just limited to patios either! We also provide you with features like drainage, lighting, and more.

The Lifestyle Crew

Landscaping and hardscaping is an interesting business, and it isn’t always easy. But we didn’t get into this line of work because we thought it was easy. Our desire to enhance our beautiful area led us to become landscapers.

We operate in the one-of-a-kind city of Overland Park (among others). We’re from the areas we serve, so we want to make sure that they’re as gorgeous as possible. You aren’t just our clients, you’re our neighbors!

If you ever have questions for us, then make sure you ask them. Overland Park is filled with thousands of terrific people, and we want to do our part in helping them all.

Why You Should Consider a Patio

Now that we’ve gone over why we’re an excellent choice for hardscaping in Overland Park, let’s talk a little more about the patio pavers themselves. Why should you lay pavers now? As the spring season comes to an end, the hardscaping season begins in earnest.

While our patios are absolutely gorgeous, the real benefit to a patio is lounging on it. And summer is the perfect time to spend outdoors with a cold drink, enjoying the weather. When done right and done well, the right paver patio can take your property to the next level.

Our experts can transform your home and your outdoor space for the better, and we are more than happy to work with you as you select the right pavers for your vision—above all else, we pursue quality.

Homeowners’ Associations

If you’ve worked with our team at Lifestyle Outdoors before, then you may remember that we specialize in HOA communities. We work directly with homeowners associations to ensure that every home matches their community’s standards.

A member of Lifestyle Outdoor, supplier of Patio Pavers in Overland Park

We really enjoy working with HOAs, and it’s a large part of what we do at Lifestyle Outdoors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of HOA communities won’t include patio paver installation as a part of their responsibilities to the homeowner.

Fortunately, however, Lifestyle Outdoor offers the flexibility to schedule patio design and building on a home-by-home basis. So, if you’re really interested in a patio for your home, reach out to us.

And of course, we don’t want to leave any HOAs out in the cold! We want to help the communities of Overland Park shine.

If you’re a part of a community with an HOA, check out our other hardscaping services! That’s right—patios aren’t the only part of our hardscaping repertoire.

If your HOA is looking to enhance the appearance of your communal areas, then why not consider revamping your walkways? Or maybe you’re looking for something even more impressive. In that case, a water feature might be the perfect solution for you.

We want to provide you with all the options you could ever need.

The Right Materials

If you want the perfect patio, then you need the right materials for the job. We only use the best patio pavers in Overland Park.

The last thing you want is to spend your time and money scheduling the installation of brand new patio pavers, only to notice wear and tear immediately on completion.

We don’t want you to regret working with our team at Lifestyle Outdoor for even a second, so we want your patio to last for years to come. Contrary to what you might expect, we don’t use wood or concrete. We use natural stone, like flagstone, for our patios, and it makes all the difference.

Why Not Wood?

You’re probably wondering why we don’t use wood or concrete. No matter how well you treat your wood, it’s possible that it will rot. We want your patio to last as long as possible.

No one wants to pause the fun because they need to replace the boards of their patio. Another material we try to stay away from is concrete. Now, obviously concrete isn’t susceptible to wood rot, but concrete offers disadvantages of its own—in this case, those disadvantages are aesthetic.

Poured concrete is particularly plain, and we want your patio to stand out. With our natural stone materials, your patio will last, and it won’t look boring in the process.

Sealing the Deal

Another important part of ensuring that your patio is built to last is the paver sealing. If we leave your patio unsealed, it can become exposed to elements and damaged over time.

We don’t want that, so we need to pay special attention to the sealing methods used for patio pavers in Overland Park. Lots of patios use brick and mortar, and while that can be an effective sealing method, we find that method can be sloppy and imprecise.

Instead, we recommend locking bricks and silicon sand sealant. Not only is this method effective at keeping out the elements, it also results in a neater, cleaner look.

The Project Timeline

The first question most people ask when they finally decide to lay a patio with our team is, “When will it be done?”

Unfortunately, we can’t predict how long the project will take in a blog. Instead, we will do our best to provide you with an accurate timeline as soon as we get a better idea of your property and what you’re looking for.

The same goes for the price. The dimensions and specifics of a project can vary so widely that there isn’t a point speculating about it here. But we will be sure to remain open and honest with you while we’re planning your project. We know you don’t want surprises, and we don’t either.

Meeting With Us

The first step in hiring us to install patio pavers in Overland Park is sitting down with a member of our team.

Before we work with anyone, we want to get to know them a little better. This isn’t just because we like meeting new people—it’s an important part of our process. We want to understand your goals for your outdoor area.

Another member of Lifestyle Outdoor, a supplier of Patio Pavers in Overland Park

What do you want to get out of your backyard? What’s your budget like? Do you want to entertain or just relax? These questions can help us understand which of our many services will benefit you the most. From there, we can get your project on the books.

Hardscaping Resources

Are you hoping to learn more about how we install patio pavers in Overland Park? Maybe you’re curious about another one of our services. No matter what you’re interested in, we have a blog that can give you the answers you need.

We update this custom landscaping blog every month with new posts. Some provide closer looks into our services, and others offer exclusive tips and tricks to help you with your own outdoor projects. Give it a look today!

Get an Estimate!

Wondering if you should hire our team for patio pavers in Overland Park? Take a look at our free virtual estimate tool.

All you need to do is answer the provided questions, and we’ll send you a custom, free estimate based on your responses. Working with our team at Lifestyle Outdoor has never been easier, so don’t wait. Reach out to us today!


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