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HOA Snow Removal in Kansas City

How to Winterize your HOA: Snow Removal in Kansas City

Snow Removal / November 30, 2021

You might be thinking that snow removal and winter maintenance are no-brainers. Maybe you’re a property manager thinking that your homeowner’s association doesn’t need the additional support. After all, who needs to be careful about shoveling snow? Well, effective snow removal and winterization are all about the tiny details. An HOA snow removal company who says otherwise doesn’t know what they’re doing.

HOA Snow Removal in Kansas City

At Lifestyle Outdoor, we have decades of experience providing unbeatable winterization service to HOAs. Our expertise gives us a breadth of knowledge that makes tackling the needs of your community a breeze. After all, when you look for HOA snow removal near you, you want someone who knows their stuff.

For example, did you know salting can weather your sidewalks, parking longs, and driveways? If you’re not careful, it will damage your property, costing you money down the line when you have to replace and repair your walkways and driveways. 

That’s why we never use traditional Icemelt. Instead, we use magnesium chloride to prevent ice from forming and preserve your sidewalks and parking lots long-term. Small decisions like the type of ice prevention used are all optimized to save you money in the long run.

Additionally, we make sure to use rubber or polyurethane-tipped shovels instead of traditional plastic or metal; you never have to worry about Lifestyle Outdoor workers damaging your community’s sidewalks and driveways. We make sure everything we do, down to the smallest detail, works to better your association. 

When providing winter care for properties, the little details matter, and any snow removal company you turn to for your Kansas City property should know how to best care for your HOA.


The service that requires significant attention to detail is property winterization. Caring for a property during winter requires understanding all the ways winter can impact land and utilities. With all the little details that go into caring for an HOA in winter, it can be a struggle to find reliable winterization services that fit the needs of a community. That’s where Lifestyle Outdoor stands above the rest. 

As Johnson County’s premier HOA winterization service, we know and are prepared to meet the winterization needs of any homeowners association. 

There are several things we do to prepare your HOA community for winter. With cold weather and winter, precipitation comes a dangerous freeze-thaw cycle that wreaks havoc on soil, plants, concrete, and pipes. 

We make sure to spread nutrient-rich fertilizers before winter to preserve your valuable landscaping features from impending cold and weather. We also manage winterization for the irrigation systems, pumps, and controls for the entire HOA, making sure no freezing or thaws damage your properties’ pipes.

Lifestyle Outdoor makes a point of assessing properties before wintertime to find possible areas for preventative care. These services include: 

  • Clearing gutters
  • Preventative Arbor Care for safety
  • Replacing landscaping features
  • Repairing external lighting systems
  • Repotting plants for wintertime care
  • Removal of pest dens and nests

We ensure that your HOA receives comprehensive service, with no details forgotten and no boxes left unchecked.

Another essential element of winterization is a preparatory snow plan. We provide comprehensive snow removal services and partner with the local weather service, so we’re always informed about winter storms and weather conditions. That way, your HOA never has to worry about Kansas City snow removal fines or dangerous driving conditions.

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Lifestyle Outdoor Provides the Winter Care Services Your HOA Needs

If you find yourself in need of any winterization or snow removal services, turn to the best landscaping and lawn care company in Kansas City. We offer snow removal services in partnership with Rose Property Maintenance, an ASCA-C snow contractor with nearly 20 years of experience. We are the premier winter experts for your HOA!

Lifestyle Outdoor offers HOAs an unbeatable service with our HOA-focused landscaping and lawn care solutions. Our years of experience, commitment to building relationships, and dependable quality are why we’re the number one partner in all things HOA property maintenance.

Reach out to learn more about the landscaping, lawn care, and winter services we provide or get a quote with our online quote tool. Discover the difference that THE white-glove service with a green thumb can make for your property today!